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If you’ve been trying to lose weight or slim down your figure for some time, cavitation might be the answer you’ve been looking for


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We all desire to look our best, and the confidence that comes from being beautiful and healthy is priceless.

The Body Haven Weight Loss Clinic and Spa is the right place to satisfy those needs. We offer a comprehensive menu and a customized weight loss programs.

Aesthetic treatments are no longer only for the rich and famous. They are safe and affordable. As a team of weight loss specialists, we offer the most innovative treatments to enhance your natural beauty.

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Body Haven Products

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Body Haven
Holistic Teas

Our selection of herbal teas includes a wide array of naturally caffeine-free teas, also called tisanes, including rooibos, mint, chamomile, hibiscus, rose tea and a variety of herbal tea blends. Many herbal teas are known for having medicinal qualities, such as calming, throat soothing, and sleepy teas.

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Body Haven
Cellulite Oil

Our anti cellulite oils work simultaneously to tighten connective tissues, reduce the size of fat cells and smooth the skin surface. The active ingredients in our anti cellulite oil reaches deep below the skin surface to fight cellulite where it lives.

Alternative Medicine. Vitamin capsules.

Body Haven
Dietary Supplements

Our dietary supplements will be very beneficial to your health and assure that you get enough of the vital substances the body needs to function. Body Haven supplements may also help reduce the risk of disease.

What Our Client Says

Pretty black woman in sportswear
Sarah Allison Art Director

Best Lymphatic massage hands down. Shavaun was excellent and professional!

A beautiful black woman loving her body.
Adeline Eliana Therapist

I highly recommend The Body Haven skin tightening procedure for loose skin. The results are incredible and my confidence is at an all time high.

Beautiful black woman with an analog camera
Clara Melanie Beautician

3/5 Fat cavitation sessions complete and I'm already seeing progress. I will Definitely recomend.

    Post Op Therapy Packages

    FROM $105

    Skin Tightening Packages

    FROM $89

    Lipo Cavitation Packages

    FROM $89

    Elizabeth Sofia

    Spa Therapist

    Elizabeth Sofia

    Spa Therapist

    Elizabeth Sofia

    Spa Therapist

    Elizabeth Sofia

    Spa Therapist

    The Art Of The Body Haven
    Weightloss Clinic and spa

    This is a new generation of men and women who are having their 35th and even their 65th birthdays and simply refuse to look any older than they feel. We live in a new age of competitiveness and personal fulfillment that demands our vitality and youthful appearance, and thus, both men and women are seeking the help of cosmetic surgeons and estheticians to help them maintain, restore and improve their appearance.

    This has become essential in our professional and personal lives, in our marriages and sexual relationships, and in our social and interpersonal endeavors.